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Ambush Bug who covers all things horror at the fantastic site had this to say about “The Monkey’s Paw.”

I loved this little short. Yes, it’s a tale often told, but never through the visionary eye of Ricky Lewis Jr. Lewis mixes animation with real life to make a vivid interpretation of THE MONKEY’S PAW like I’ve never seen before.

After receiving a monkey’s paw from a lodger, a couple finds that the magical totem grants them three wishes, but the wishes don’t turn out to be exactly what they wish for. What plays out is part morality tale, part drama, and all gorgeous. Quirky and fun with shades of Tim Burton-esque art design and melancholy, THE MONKEY’S PAW is a little gem that is a feast for the eyes, despite it’s short film length.

Thank you for watching Ambush!

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