Youtube views has gone over 100,000!!!

Looks like the film has crossed over the 100,000 views mark and adds thousands more every week. Fantastic news that this movie is finding a large and wide audience! Along with the 37,000 plus on Vimeo and another 8,000 on Dailymotion. Thank you to everyone who has watched it. Hopefully you’re telling others because […]

Primate Appendage of Death!

A number of months have gone by and some of you probably weren’t able to grab a copy of the February issue of Fangoria which covered the film. Here we have it re-typed for you!

It has been a tale oft-told and adapted unfaithfully in horror cinema too many times to count. It speaks […]

October Views Are Soaring!!!

As the month of ghouls and haunts drew closed, the film passed the 18k views mark this week on Vimeo and is attracting thousands of people on Youtube. It’s great so many are discovering it, especially as Halloween has just passed. Schools across the country are showing it to their students and we’re receiving […]

Latest Issue of Fangoria includes “The Monkey’s Paw”

If you’re at your local news stand then pick up a copy of Fangoria Issue #310 to see an article on the film and the director! Or go online to get a copy and help support this wonderful magazine:

Los Angeles Movie Awards Honors “The Monkey’s Paw”

Los Angeles Movie Awards honored “The Monkey’s Paw” with Best Narrative Short, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress – Rosemary Spence, Best Special Effects and Best Score! Thank you to them for the exciting appreciation.

Editor of Fangoria Magazine likes “The Monkey’s Paw!”

Thank you to Chris the Editor of Fangoria Magazine for checking out the film. This was his response:

This is a little masterpiece, man…my goodness, I adore this..great acting, scary as hell, elegant….

Review from

Ambush Bug who covers all things horror at the fantastic site had this to say about “The Monkey’s Paw.”

I loved this little short. Yes, it’s a tale often told, but never through the visionary eye of Ricky Lewis Jr. Lewis mixes animation with real life to make a vivid interpretation of THE […]

“The Monkey’s Paw” is featured on

Great news, “The Monkey’s Paw” was featured on starting October 28th. It’s already received 5,400 views in four days.

Guillermo Del Toro watched “The Monkey’s Paw”

Thank you so much, Guillermo, for taking a look at “The Monkey’s Paw.” I was honored.

Here’s what he had to say,

It’s a really interesting adaptation- with the dramatized prologue (not in Jacob’s story) and it has a very nice tonal quality to it. Ambitious and full of inventive stuff. Any hint of […]

★★★★★ Review from Film Threat.Com

Here’s what they had to say about “The Monkey’s Paw”

By Amy R. Handler

Be careful what you wish for, it may just plague you for the rest of your life— and very possibly, well beyond that. Filmmaker Ricky Lewis, Jr.’s 30-minute adaptation of W.W. Jacobs’ short story of 1902 may not be the […]